Our MISSION is simple. To donate 100% of the profits from the sales of our clothing and accessories to existing charities that help young people reach their full potential. Imagine if the profits from the clothes in your closet enabled equal access to opportunities regardless of gender, race or economic status. Our start is modest, with tees, hoodies, and bags but we hope, with your help, to create a full clothing line to achieve our mission.

Thank you for your support.


Humans are 99.9% identical on a genetic level. The 0.1% difference is caused by insertions, deletions and substitutions in the DNA sequence. These variations contribute to our difference in appearance. Instead of focusing on what separates us, we should remember we are 99.9% the same. We are all HUMANS regardless of gender, race, nationality or religion. UNI-T Fashion focuses on what UNITes us to lift up people in need.

clothing and bags

Uni-T Fashion: Please take a moment to learn about the inspiration behind each of our designs.
In the end, we hope you find our clothing comfortable, attractive and meaningful.

Delivery will take one to two weeks. Multiple item orders may result in mulitiple ship from locations. Thank you.

Returns: Given our mission to donate 100% of our profits to charity, we can only accept returns for defective products since our suppliers do not accept returns. All defective items once returned will be replaced with the identical item. Thank you for your understanding.

Our Partner Charities

UNI-T Fashion is partnering with established charities that are leaders in their space.
They are dedicated to helping kids get a better chance in life. Please learn about their missions and the great work
they are doing. We thank you for helping us make “Fashion That Cares” a reality.

about us

UNI-T Fashion is a casual apparel brand passionate about using fashion to help change the world for the better. The name UNI-T (pronounced u-ni-t) was chosen to inspire us to work on common goals in a world that too often feels divided. Our clothing line is designed to be comfortable and affordable and all of the profits from your purchase will be donated to charities that inspire gender equity, help kids to get a better education, and support the general health and well-being of children in need. Our partner charities are well organized and established organizations that work tirelessly to these ends.

Sofia Feinstein, founder of UNI-T Fashion, is a 17-year-old aspiring designer who began her formal training learning graphics design at Tufts University and fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology during the summer of 2021. Her passion is to help provide opportunities for young people, especially girls, to improve their opportunities in life. Sofia believes if you empower young women with greater self confidence, access to learning opportunities, and the right support system, they will take the initiative to do amazing things in their lives. This in turn benefits the individual, their families and our communities at large. In the fall of 2024, Sofia will enter Lehigh University where she will study design/architecture, women's studies and social entrepreneurship.