UNI-T Fashion's mission is to sell clothing and donate all of the profits to help kids in need. We are looking for young people to join our team in the volunteer roles described below. If you are interested, please reach out as indicated. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can make Fashion that Cares a reality.

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UNI-T Fashion: Marketing Ambassador

In this role you will promote the UNI-T brand to your friends, family, followers and local community with the goal of gaining their support for our mission. You will use your social media accounts and your creativity to let people know about UNI-T, our products and the charities we support to drive visitors to our website and social media accounts. UNI-T’s message of “Fashion that Cares” is simple and powerful. Working together we can build a brand by kids to help kids in need. This is a great way to put your time to good use on a fun project that shows you truly care. All UNI-T Ambassadors will be noted on our Ambassador page for all to know you have helped in our mission. Please apply below and we will be in touch. Thank you for your interest in UNI-T Fashion.

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UNI-T Fashion: Design Collaborator

In this role you will submit designs for possible inclusion in our product portfolio. We want to empower a generation of young designers to be heard and put their talents to use for a great cause. Please know that we are a brand based on integrity, caring and inclusion, so your designs should be content appropriate. That said, we are open to creativity and new ideas about how to create great looking, comfortable and affordable clothing. Your designs can be purely artistic and graphic, or can convey a message, or both. We leave that up to you. Our plan is to have our Instagram followers vote on new design ideas to help us decide what we should put on our website. Your simple participation is a great start and if you are included in our store, you will be acknowledged as a Design Collaborator and your name will be included in the description of the item. It is a great way to get publicity for yourself as you embark on your design career, or simply a way to help kids in need. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you to submit your designs. Thank you for your interest in UNI-T Fashion.